Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tatkal ticket new rule

According to the new rule now tatkal ticket can be booked one day before the departure of the train from the originating station(not from our boarding station).So, for example if u want to book a ticket from bhopal to bangalore in Rajdhani express for 24thJan then u have to book this ticket on 22nd jan because the train starts from new delhi on 23rdJan and reaches bhopal on 24th Jan. So u won't able to book ticket on 23rd of Jan (u can book if available but it won't be in most cases). Secondly now u require a photo id proof while booking, and a xerox copy if u are booking from reservation window.Now tatkal ticket can't be canceled and u can only book ticket for four passenger per ticket.So keep this in mind while u book the ticket next time.


  1. Hey Hi.
    Its a good blog, although to be frank, when I started reading I expected I would gain one or two tips, but it didn't turn out that way. I already use all these points. As per my view, few points you can add are :
    1. How are people exactly supposed to provide photo ID proof. Scanned copy or proof's number (DL/PP/PAN no.).
    2. If you select mode of reservation as tatkal, irctc won't allow you to press "Find trains" before 0800 hrs.
    3. Along with matching your system clock to IST, make sure to have a look on the top right of irctc web-page where it displays your logging in time. The moment you log-in, check if the time is synced to that in your system.
    4. One very important thing : at times you can take advantage of the day change for a train. Eg : If you are booking a train from say Bhopal that departs at 0100 hrs or something at say 24.03, then you can get tatkal booking for Bhopal at 23.03, but you can book it from Bina/Agra/Mathura/Delhi on 22.03 (subjected completely to the train stoppage). The TTE is responsible for holding your reserved seat till next 2 consecutive stops of the train from the boarding station mentioned.
    4. If everything fails, at many big stations (Don't have the list, but I know it for NZM, Nagpur and so obv it shud b thr for many other stations), you get another type of ticket just 2 hrs b4 the departure. (U'll get this in off seasons mostly, or else if you have good luck which you don't otherwise you would have got the tatkal tkt in the first place :P).
    5. Well, after all of this, many a times, the site is just DEAD. So just look at your monitor and curse/abuse irctc as much as you want. ;)

    Good luck booking !!! By the way, there are those ppl called as tkt agents. So if you fall in the lazy/dnt care abt money/urgent/can't miss category, feel free to shed some money. :)

  2. Oh, and BTW, your blog title is a misnomer. Suggest you to change it.

  3. Gaurav thanks for the comments! but now u can login before 08:00 am on irctc site and find trains, but u can click on book only after 08:00. For day change please refer to the new rule post. if a train suppose passes through bhopal at 01:00 am on 05th Feb but it starts from its originating station on 04th Feb then u can book ticket for such trains on 03rd Feb.